Yui Hatano Megapack 9 Last

Yui Hatano
Born: May 24, 1988
Blood Type: A
Cup Size: 35DD
Breast: 88 cm
Waist: 59 cm
Hips: 85 cm
Height: 163 cm
Weight: ?
Twitter: @hatano_yui

Yui Hatano is one of the mainstays of JAV. She’s been in the business for about 12 years and is not showing signs of stopping. She has a well-known friendship with Hibiki Otsuki, another long-timer, and stars in plenty of titles with her, including in these packs. With the kind of library she’s amassed, you’ll find plenty of content from sickly sweet GFE to rough BDSM, with her in charge and on the receiving end. However, I don’t think she’s ever taken it up the ass. She has quite a few titles tagged “anal sex”, but from what I can tell, it’s all her dishing it out with a strap-on. But tags are unreliable, so maybe there is something.

This megapack is NOT EXHAUSTIVE, because fuck me, this is big enough. You’ll find a total of 1076 titles in this 9-part megapack, with 141 in this part. All of them are included at the maximum resolution available on R18/DMM. NOTE: R18/DMM have removed countless 1080p versions of movies before ~December 2015. Those titles are only available at 720p now. That means future megapacks (and this one) might contain 720p movies that were once available in 1080p. If you come across one of those, that’s not an error, it’s simply the best we can do now. What a great service, I wonder why people want to pirate their shit en masse?

1080p: VAGU-126, VAGU-152, VANDR-084, VEC-153, VEC-194, VEC-281, VEMA-096, VENU-494, VENU-522, VENU-766, VENU-802, VICD-248, VICD-253, VICD-389, VNDS-3167, VOIC-008, VOSS-013, VOSS-066, VRTM-144, VRTM-224, VRTM-251, VRTM-255, VRTM-267, VRTM-269, VRTM-291, VRTM-308, VRTM-322, VRTM-323, VRTM-331, VRTM-350, VRTM-375, VRTM-390, VRTM-407, VRTM-416, WAKM-001, WAKM-002, WANZ-039, WANZ-076, WANZ-110, WANZ-129, WANZ-134, WANZ-144, WANZ-155, WANZ-173, WANZ-178, WANZ-206, WANZ-222, WANZ-270, WANZ-276, WANZ-279, WANZ-338, WANZ-371, WANZ-397, WANZ-541, WANZ-603, WANZ-643, WANZ-658, WANZ-661, WANZ-673, WANZ-687, WANZ-704, WANZ-764, WANZ-769, WANZ-803, WANZ-821, WDI-054, WSS-268, WSSR-008, WWK-014, WWW-028, XRW-103, XRW-128, XRW-157, XRW-202, XRW-228, XRW-449, XRW-740, XRW-771, XRW-865, XVSR-186, XVSR-244, XVSR-271, XVSR-282, XVSR-325, XVSR-341, XVSR-365, XVSR-400, XVSR-427, XVSR-431, XVSR-447, XVSR-454, XVSR-488, XVSR-501, XVSR-523, XVSR-529, XVSR-546, YMDD-115, YMDD-157, YMDD-167, YPAA-19, ZB-068, ZEAA-09, ZEX-358, ZEX-364, ZUKO-046, ZUKO-056, ZUKO-122

720p: VEC-112, VEC-120, VEC-131, VENU-450, VGQ-013, VOSS-004

404p: VAGU-060, VAGU-072, VAGU-080, VAGU-085, VEC-002, VEMA-043, VENU-069, VENU-151, VENU-224, VENU-270, VENU-373, VENU-416, VEQ-108, VEZZ-021, WNZS-150, WNZS-198, XKK-082, XKK-083, XND-012, YLW-4067, YLW-4100, YLW-4193, YSN-287, YSN-311, YTR-075

480p: WIF-024, WIL-014, ZER-007

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