Tutorial Download

Q: Why link 1 ask to log in acc and pass, where can register acc
A: When exceeding the limit u cannot download, try again after 24-48 hours or download with other links such as link 2 gd, streamtape or join monthly subscription.

Q: Why link2 gd link always cannot download?

A: Due to u all love to report, gd link can easily dead. Gd2 will not replace, please use link1 to download or join monthly subscription.

Q: Many old videos link not working, when repair?

A: Not possible to repair 1 by 1, it is better u download somewhere else or join monthly subscription direct access all.

Recommend use Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome browser

Video Tutorial for Adshrink: https://arcjavwatchonline.blogspot.com/p/tutorial.html





Step5 Copy and Paste the link, u are done