Tutorial Download

For NEW release, download will go to dropbox page then only to google drive!

Recently google drive have some issues that connection to download always break. Hence, recommended can use:



OR JDOWNLOADER / IDM if u know how to use them

Q: Why link 1 ask to log in acc and pass, where can register acc
A: When exceeding the limit u cannot download, try again after 24-48 hours or download with other links such as link 2 gd, streamtape or join monthly subscription.

Q: Why link2 gd link always cannot download?

A: Due to u all love to report, gd link can easily dead. Gd2 will not replace, please use link1 to download or join monthly subscription.

Q: Many old videos link not working, when repair?

A: Not possible to repair 1 by 1, it is better u download somewhere else or join monthly subscription direct access all.

New Q: Many old link1 unable download

A: Google had banned service acc. Hence, might be possible old link1 unable download as well. There are no solution for this. Therefore, either download somewhere else or buy monthly subscription to access database directly.

OLD resources high possible will not replace. So, NO NEED LEAVE COMMENT / SPAM link dead etc. Either download somewhere else or buy monthly subscription to access database directly.

Recommend use Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome browser

Video Tutorial for Adshrink:






Step5 Copy and Paste the link, u are done



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