Prologue 前言 11.10




March – May Link1 Mostly Repaired


Q: Why link 1 ask to log in acc and pass, where can register acc
A: When exceeding the limit u cannot download, try again after 24-48 hours or download with other links such as link 2 gd, streamtape or join monthly subscription.

Q: Why link2 gd link always cannot download?

A: Due to u all love to report, gd link can easily dead.

Q: Many old videos link not working, when repair?

A: Not possible to repair 1 by 1, it is better u download somewhere else or join monthly subscription direct access all.

14.8 Update

Link 1 for new release solved download limit

Link 2 gd mostly get reported, will not replace since it is no point, u all will continue reporting.

Monthly subscription always no issues


if cannot download, it means had exceeded the limit as google drive had restricted the sharing limit. Can download in streamtape…🤦‍♂️

IPX-690 solved

Sharing limit and download issues solved. 9.7.2021 release should be able download now


Google had disabled service accounts projects.

Impact: Old link used service accounts to share for workers link may get problems, future work even hard for sharing and cloning work.

Will not have so much time to repair the link but the monthly subscription has no issues.

For July and June, Worker links are no issues.

May maybe fixed, please try, more older cannot do since it is different scaling sharing.

-为了保全资源,新的链接1都是直连下载,托管于个人付费Google Workspace Enterprise 的盘来分享,资源应该都是永久有效

-This site is one of the few sites that insists on sharing high-quality movies free of charge. Many of the expenses are operated using own fund such as buying movies, downloading machines, cloud storage, website fees, etc.
-Hope everyone able enjoy high quality movies and refuse to flood the market with low-quality films
-Using more than nearly thousand of accounts to perfectly solve the 403 limit of Google Drive sharing limit and will use new batch of accounts every week
-Google Drive resources always have been reported by hardworking people and I am exhausted
-In order to preserve the resources, the new link 1 is all direct download, hosted on a personal paid Google Workspace Enterprise to share, the resources should be permanently valid
-Will work hard to update at least 20 pieces every day, unless there are major works on that day, there will be more than 20 pieces
-I’m too busy to replace the old work and only fullfill request for those who had made donations
-Hope my friends will continue to support, leave a message, sponsor, thank you

Fully solved Google Drive sharing limit by using more than thousands of google accounts and will change the new set every week

Please support my hard work through donation / monthly subscription to cover my cost of hosting server/ websites/ vps/ premium acc to buy stocks. So that I able to continue to run the sites to continue to provide better movies for all.